Say thou (O Muhammad) "This is my way, I do invite unto Allah on an insight clear as the seeing with one’s eyes, I and the one who followeth me. Glory be to Allah! and I am not of the polytheists!" Al-Qur’an 12/108

Kid's Section


  • Al-Aqaid - Part I
  • Al-Aqaid - Part II (incomplete)

    Al-Aqaid is a book written by Allamah Syed Ashraf Shamsi (RH). After several decades, it is translated into English by Mr. Shaik Chand Sajid. We are happy to publish this booklet after necessary revisions in translation. Allamah Shamsi was a great scholar. This book is in two parts.

    The first part deals with the questions relating to Prophethood, shariah, Islam, Iman etc. The second part is devoted to the questions relating to Mahdaviah, Caliph of Allah, the Mehdi, Vilayat etc. The book is framed in a question-answer style for the young children. We thank Mr. Shaik Chand Sajid for the translation and Yaqoob Mujtaba Syed for the revision.


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