Say thou (O Muhammad) "This is my way, I do invite unto Allah on an insight clear as the seeing with one's eyes, I and the one who followeth me. Glory be to Allah! and I am not of the polytheists!" Al-Quran 12/108

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Hazrath Syed Muhammad (pbuh) proclaims that he is the Promised Mehdi:

(By: Hazrath Syed Ali Bartar)

When Hazrath Syed Muhammad was at Danapur (in India) the lights of Allah (Anwar-e-Ilahi) came on him and announced that he was the Promised Mehdi and so he must fulfill his mission. Hazrath Syed Muhammed (pbuh) hesitated for some time. Hazrath’s wife, Bibi Alahdati (RZ) and some others got revelation that Syed Muhammad was the Promised Mehdi. Hence Bibi Alahdati (RZ), Hazrath Syed Mahmood (RZ) (son of Hazrath Syed Muhammad (pbuh), Hazrath Syed Dilawar (RZ), and some others acknowledged the truth of his being the Promised Mehdi and made covenant (Baiyat) on his hand on their own. Hazrath Syed Muhammad (pbuh) told them not to reveal this in public because the time to proclaim this had not yet come. But Hazrath Syed Muhammad (pbuh) continued his teachings through the explanation of Qur’an showing the people the inner meanings and teachings of Vilayat. He continued his migration (Hijrat) in various parts of India and proceeded to Arabia for Hajj. In 901 Hijra, at Kaaba (Mecca) standing between “Rukn and Makham”, he first proclaimed himself to be Mehdi-ul-Ma’ood (the promised Mehdi) and asked the people to acknowledge him Mehdi to be faithful (Momins).

After performing Hajj, Hazrath Syed Muhammad Mehdi-ul-Ma’ood (pbuh) returned back to India and started his journey in Gujarat. In 903 Hijra, Mehdi (pbuh) proclaimed his being Mehdi at Ahmedabad and asked the people to acknowledge him as such to become faithful (Momins).

Hazrath Mehdi (pbuh) moved forward and crossing different parts of Gujarat came to Badly (In India). In 905 Hijra, he gave here his final proclamation of his being Mehdi. This proclamation is called “Dawah-e-Muwakkad” (Asserted proclamation or proclamation with stress). This is a definite announcement asking people to acknowledge him as Mehdi (the divinely guided one). Those who acknowledge him will be only faithful (Momins), and those who do not will be infidels (Kafirs). From this date (905 Hijra), it has become obligatory to acknowledge him as Mehdi-ul-Ma’ood (The Promised Mehdi) as it has been obligatory to acknowledge Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).



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