Say thou (O Muhammad) "This is my way, I do invite unto Allah on an insight clear as the seeing with one's eyes, I and the one who followeth me. Glory be to Allah! and I am not of the polytheists!" Al-Quran 12/108

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Q & A about Our Prophets  

Q.    How many types of Messengers (Rusul) are there?

A.     Rusul (Messengers) are of two types: One who is given a Book or to whom a Holy book was revealed, and secondly those who were not given any Book.

Q.    Name the messengers who were given the book.

A.     There are messengers who were given a Holy Book and a new Law (Shari’ah). They are Prophet Moses (pbuh), Prophet Jesus (pbuh), and the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). However, there were messengers who were given a Holy Book but not a new Law (Shari’ah). Prophet David (pbuh) was given Zaboor, but it did not contain any new Law. David (pbuh) was following the laws of Prophet Moses (pbuh).

Q.    Is the Miracle (Mu’jizah) an act of prophet himself or Allah, the Almighty?

A.     Miracle is an Act of Allah. Allah evinces such an act through the prophet. Such an act would be unnatural and the people can not match it.

 Q.    What is the definition of Caliph of Allah?


 A.       Caliph of Allah is one who receives  instructions from Allah, and invites people towards Allah per His Commands. The caliphs of Allah are of two types. One who receives instructions directly from Allah as well as through the Angel Gabriel (pbuh). This kind of Caliph is a Prophet (Nabi). The other is the one who receives instructions from Allah alone, and not through Angel Gabriel (pbuh). The Caliph belongs to the second category is a Caliph of Allah but not a prophet (Nabi).

Q.    Are there any Messengers  among the angels?

A.     Yes, Allah has mentioned in the Holy Qur’an that the Angel Gabriel (pbuh) is a Messenger.

Q.     Are the prophets being sent for guidance of their own people or the entire mankind?

A.       Amongst all the prophets, only Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was sent for the guidance of all the progeny of Adam (pbuh).  Other prophets (pbuh)  were sent on a particular piece of land, to guide people of the region and to invite them towards Allah. Abraham (pbuh) was sent for the guidance to the city of Babel. Loot (pbuh)  was sent as a prophet to the city of Moliqkat (Sodom). Jacob (pbuh) was sent to the city of Canaan. Moses (pbuh) to Egypt, Shu’aib (pbuh) to the city of Madyan.  Hud (pbuh) was sent to the tribe of Aad. Saleh (pbuh) was sent to the tribe of Samud, and Jesus (pbuh) was sent to the Jews. But the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was sent for guidance and reformation of all mankind as well as Jinn.

Q.     Who was the first prophet and who was the last?

A.     Adam (pbuh) was the first prophet and our prophet,  Muhammad (pbuh) was the last of all the prophets.

Q.    How many sons Abraham (pbuh) had and what were their names?

A.     Prophet Abraham (pbuh) had two sons. They were Isaac (pbuh) and Ishmael (pbuh).

Q.    Where did both Ishmael (pbuh) and Isaac (pbuh) live?

A.    Ishmael (pbuh) was living at Mecca with his mother, and Isaac (pbuh) was living at Syria with his mother.

Q.    Whose descendent Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)  was?

A.     Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)  was a descendent of  Ishmael (pbuh).( Isma’il)


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