Say thou (O Muhammad) "This is my way, I do invite unto Allah on an insight clear as the seeing with one's eyes, I and the one who followeth me. Glory be to Allah! and I am not of the polytheists!" Al-Quran 12/108

Matrimony Form

*Prospect Name: Please contact MICC.
*Gender: Female
*Age (yrs): 29
First Marriage: Yes
*City of Residence: Charlotte
*Country of Residence: United States of America
Residential Status: Under process Green
Contact Phone: Please contact MICC.
*Email Address: Please contact MICC.
*Profession: Risk Analysts Earnest and Young
*Qualification: MS
Father's Name: Khasim syed
Mother's Name: Jeelani banu
Submitted By: Jilani Banu
Submitted By (Email): Please contact MICC.
Submitted By (Phone): Please contact MICC.
Submitted By (Relationship to Prospect): Mother

Brief Description: 

Moderate educated family ( Mahmoodi), parents based at Hyderabad India.Looking for Groom settled in USA or willing to relocate to USA.