Say thou (O Muhammad) "This is my way, I do invite unto Allah on an insight clear as the seeing with one's eyes, I and the one who followeth me. Glory be to Allah! and I am not of the polytheists!" Al-Quran 12/108


New Books Available

The following new publications are available in Hyderabad and USA. If you are interested in buying these books, please send an e-mail to the editor at:

  1. The Book of Equity (English translation of Insaaf Naama), published by
     Mahdavia Fouindation.

  2.  Shawahidul Vilayah (Urdu), reprinted by Mahdavia Foundation.

  3. Shaur-e-Agahi (Urdu), published by Mahdavia Foundation.

  4. Mazameen-e-Bartar (Urdu), published by Tanzeem-e-Mahdavia.

  5. Talab-e-Deedar-e-Khuda Aur Mahdiyat (Urdu) by Mr. Syed Masood Mustafa.

Book on the life and work of Hazrath Sani-e-Mehdi (RZ)

Assalam alaikum.     I like to inform you about the publication and release of a new book on “Haz. Sani-e-Mahdi (Rz). about his life and work he has done to our Mahdavia community..    The book ia written by Haz.Abul Hadi Syed Mahmood saheb akailvi.  The book is the outcome of a long research and collection of material from so many different books. It took more than 15 years.   The book is published by our organization by name “Tanzeem Anwarul Huda” (Regd. by Govt. of India).   It the first and foremost book on the life of Haz.Sani-e-Mahdi. Prior to this the material was wide spread and scattered in many different books.    So it is essential that each and every member of our community must possess a copy and read it thoroughly.

The price of the book is:-  Rs.50 (in India)  ---- $5 ( outside India).

The Addresses of availability:-

Mehr General Stores
Near Masjid Akailvi Ekmainar
 Hyderabad – 500024 .  Andhra Pradesh

Syed Abdul Jaleel Hadi Khundmiri
H.No. 16-8-25
Hyderabad – 500024.  Andhra Pradesh

Sent by:
Syed Yousuf Khundmiri
General Secretary,
Tanzeem Anwarul Huda.

English Translation of Insaaf Naama (The Book of Equity):

We, at Mahdavia Foundation, are pleased to announce the translation and publication of Insaaf Naama in English Language.  This great book is written by Hazrath Bandagi Miyan Wali (RH). This is one of the most authentic books of Mahdavia Literature. 

We are grateful to Hazrath Syed Ziaullah Sahab of Bangalore for translating this book into English. We also would like to thank all those who have helped in the completion of this project. 

Our mission is to publish our literature in English and other languages to propagate the Mahdavia faith and the teachings of our beloved Imam, Hazrath Syed Muhammad, Mehdi the promised (pbuh).

Currently this book is available in Bangalore and Hyderabad. A copy of the book can be had from Tanzeem-e-Mahdavia, Hyderabad (India). We will make arrangements to have some copies available in United States as well. You may send an e-mail to the to get more details about the availability.

May Allah reward those who have helped in the publication of this translated version! Ameen.

Insha-Allah, Mahdavia Foundation will come out with new publication in the future. 


Quarterly "HADI" by Mahdaviya Rabita Committee, Pakistan

The Official Quarterly Magazine of Mehdaviya Rabita Committee Pakistan, "HADI" is going to be published in March-03 Insha Allah. You are invited to send articles, news or any kind of informative material (alongwith the photograph, optional). If any one wants to send the photograph of any personal function or event they can send alongwith the payment (PKRS. 50/-, $ 1/-, SR or UAE-DRHM 5/-). The news of any event (birth of child, Bismillah khwani, Marriage, death, extraordinary academic or professional promotion or achievement will be published free of cost). The last date is 10.03.2003.

Syed Shahid Ali, (Editor)    

Javed Nizami, (Deputy Editor)

A.P. State Haj Committee:

November 1, 2002
Selection of two Mehdavi brothers, Mr. Mohammed Munawar Chand,  and Ismail Bahadur in A.P. State Haj Committee. The Government of Andhra Pradesh vide G.O No. 210 dated 23-10-2002 has  constituted the A.P State Haj Committee and its duration has been fixed for a period of three years.
Mr. Mohammed Munawar Chand is also a member of the Education Committee of Markazi-e-Anjuman-e-Mahdavia,Chanchalguda,Hyderabad.

Mr. Mohammed Munawar Chand, aged 28 years is the son of Mr. Mohammed  Jani Miya and is a resident of  H.No. 1-4-298, Bholakpur, Musheerabad,  Hyderabad.

(source: E-mail from Mr. Chand)

October 12th, 2002

Sad Demise of Hazrath Mufthi Mashayak Syed Yakhub Saheb Ishaqhi

We, at the Mahdavia Foundation, feel the pain of missing an honored scholar of our community (Hazrath Mufti Syed Yaqoob Sahab Ishaqhi). As our beloved prophet (pbuh) said that the death of a scholar is the death of a universe, our community lost a great scholar and it is a loss of the whole community. We pray to Almighty Allah to bless him with His vision (Deedar),  provide comfort to his family, and provide his replacement to the community in the form of his successor.


Dear Brothers / Sisters,

With profound grief, it is hereby announced the sad demise of Abul Mufti Faqih-E-Millat, Mufakkir - E - Millat, Allama Peer - O - Murshed SYED YAQOOB AL - SHAHEER BI MUFTI SAHEB ( R.A.). His last breath came to an end soon after the salam at the FARZ  NAMAZ OF ZUHR on Tuesday the 8 of October, 2002.Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilahir Rajavoon. 

The Namaz - E - Janaaza was performed by his successer - son Mufti Syed Baqer Arshad with full honour of the presence of all Mashayakheen, Ulemas, Prominent personalities of different communities and his beloved members of public at Maidan - E - Anjuman on Wednesday the 9th October, 2002. The whole town of Channapatna mourned these two days observing bandh of all commercial activites a mark of respect to the dearest departed soul. The flood of general public irrespective of communities which attended the Namaz - e - Janaza and burial ceremony, was estimated as more than 25000 by media whcih covered the prayer and procession. Informed sources told that this is the first of its kind of general public which attended largely to a single person's burial ever in the Channapatna's history. Soon after the burial, a condolence meeting was organised at Masjid - E - Muftiyan. Hazrath Mufti Mashayak 
Syed Baqer Arshad entered in the Sainthood by declaring TARQ - E - HUBBE - E - DUNIYA soon after the FAJR Prayer on  Wednesday the 9th of October, 2002. We pray to Allah the most merciful for patience and courage for all his immediate family  members, his relatives, his friends, his disciples, his mureeds and for all section of public.

Yours brother Syed Ajmal Isaqhi.

Milad-un-Nabi (pbuh)                           

May 19, 2002

The Milad celebration of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was held at Masjid-e-Syed Hashim, MICC building, Chicago. The gathering was addressed by Hazrath Moulana Abul Fatah Syed Nusrath Tashrifullahi, Mr. Rahmat Ali Khan (President), and Mr. Niamathullah Khan Sufi. Mr. Parvez Yadullah Mehdi, and Mr. Lateef Syed Saif presented the Naat. Earlier, Mr. Hafiz Asadullah Khan recited the verses of Holy Qur'an to mark the opening of Milad celebration. Hazrath Nusrath Tashrullahi  focussed his speach on the level of trust Prophet Muhammad had on Allah (Tawakkul). He gave detailed account of the life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Mahdavia Islamic Center of Chicago (MICC) extends its thanks to the community members  for their attendance.

2nd & 12th Rabi-ul-Awwal

May 11, 2002

There is a general consensus among the Muslims on the birth day (Milad) of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Most of us believe that the Milad occurs on 12th of  Rabi-ul-Awwal. 

However, there is a difference of opinion on the date when the Prophet (pbuh) departed this world. Some believe that this date is the same as 12th of Rabi-ul-awwal, and some believe that this is the 1st of the same month.

However, we, Mahdavis, are fortunate to have the knowledge of the correct date through our beloved Imam, Caliph of Allah, Hazrath Syed Muhammad, Mahdi-al-Ma'ud (pbuh). The correct date is 2nd of Rabi-ul-Awwal. Our Imam (pbuh) did observe the Urs of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) on the 2nd of this month. Therefore, all the Mahdavis observe the Urs of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) on the 2nd of Rabi-ul-Awwal.

This event has also become a part of Mahdavia history because on the same date, one of the sons of our Imam (pbuh), Hazrath Bandagi Mian Syed Ajmal (RZ), also died when he was just an infant. 

Two Mahdavis Martyred   Two Mahdavis Martyred

May 3, 2002

Following is the e-mail received from Mr. Inayat Syed of Palanpur (Gujarat):


One very serious message we have that two innocent Mahdavi people died due to police firing in Baroda today. May Allah take them in "Jannat-al-firdos".
(1) Marhum Bhai Aabid Delawala
(2) Marhum Noorbhai Karwaniya

I request all members to pray for effected families to get "sabra"


Dars-e-Qur'an at MICC

April 25, 2002

Dars-e-Qur'an will be held every sunday at the Mahdavia Islamic Center of Chicago at 12:30PM. This program will commence from May 4th, 2002. Hazrath Moulana Abul Fatah Syed Nusrath  Tashrifullahi will address the gathering. For further information, please contact Mahdavia Islamic Center of Chicago at 773-262-6680 or send an e-mail at:


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